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Prepare for Divorce – State of Your Marriage

Is Divorce an option? Should you prepare for divorce?

Are you unsure about the state of your marriage?  Are you in a position where you are unsure of your future in your marriage?  If so, you may be asking how do you prepare for divorce? You might find this surprising – but my answer may be that you should explore all other options that you are thinking about before jumping to the conclusions that a divorce is the answer.  Divorce can be the right answer  but it isn’t an easy answer. Talk to your spouse, seek out counseling and research what your options are for the state of your marriage.  Knowledge will give you the power to know if divorce is the right option for you at this time.

If divorce is going to happen, prepare.

If divorce is the right choice for your marriage, get educated on all of the aspects of the state of your marriage – your property, your finances, find answers to your questions and start thinking about any issues you may have with kids – extracurricular activities (through school and otherwise), education (preschool?, middle school?, high school?, college?) and personal.  Research, research, research.  The more knowledge you have the better you will be at making decisions and knowing what is the right choice for you.  Make goals and research how to get there.

Find a great lawyer.

You need to research lawyers and law offices when you start looking for a lawyer.  My advice is to find a lawyer who focuses on family law and is a good fit for you and your case.  Call several law offices and see how your call is answered, how long does it take to get a return call, what do you like and don’t like from the very beginning?  Find a lawyer who you can work with for your case and your divorce.

Jill O’Connell is a Denton County attorney who focuses exclusively on family law issues including divorce.