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How To Stay Up to Date with us on Facebook

Facebook is always making changes – some we know about beforehand and others we find out about later.  This recent round of changes has created a change in the way your news feed works.  You may find that pages that you have liked, for example our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/OConnellLawFirm, and look forward to reading aren’t coming up in your news feed as frequently or maybe they aren’t showing up at all.  But you can change that.

On our Facebook page we post more than just the blog posts.  So if you haven’t liked the page, you should do that right away!  And, if you have already liked the page and you are finding that you don’t see O’Connell Law Firm posts in your feed anymore you can change that.  Here are the steps to keep seeing O’Connell Law Firm, PC posts-

On your desktop or laptop:

  • Make sure you have liked our page.
  • Once that is done, make your cursor to the ‘Liked’ tab with a down arrow at the top of this page. Options will appear in a short menu and you can choose to see the page ‘first’ instead of ‘default’ and click. This should move the check mark to Choose to see this first instead of default.
  • While you’re there if you want to get notified when there is a new post, go ahead and click on the Notifications section and turn on the notifications.

facebook O'Connell Law Firm, PC

On your phone or tablet:

  • Go to our Facebook page and make sure you have liked the O’Connell Law Firm page.
  • Next to the liked button, it will say ‘Following’ and have an arrow pointing down. Click on the arrow and a pop-up will come up with three options.  Click on the option on the far right that says ‘See First’.

That’s it – you’re done!  Thanks for reading!


Jill O’Connell – www.oconnellfirm.com