Divorce Decree travel language

Traveling after Divorce

During divorce there are usually temporary orders in place or in Denton County at the very least there are the Standing Orders.  Those orders apply while the divorce is going on – while it’s pending.

Traveling and spending long periods of time with your kids doesn’t have to come to an end when you get divorced.  There are several ways we can plan for and include different types of thing for traveling with your kids after divorce.

Time for Travel

The Denton County Standing Orders don’t give either parent any type of long periods of possession for holidays or summers but usually temporary orders do.  Temporary orders definitely can include possession schedules and options for time with kids for both parents.  So, even if your temporary orders were very specific about one particular issue and didn’t include anything about possession or travel, don’t worry.  A well-drafted final decree will have some sort of possession schedule that includes and contemplates holidays and extended summertime periods for parents and kids.  Texas Standard Possession has a lot of details including making choices for summertime in April, giving notice to the other parent and Christmas and Thanksgiving time also.

Ability to Travel

The Standard Possession schedule gives periods of time to each parent.  It doesn’t require you to stay in the area that you live or even in Texas.  There aren’t any restrictions to traveling within the United States contained in the Family Code.

If you or your soon to be ex, are interested in travel that requires using a passport, and you know about it during your divorce, we can put in special language about your child’s passport.

And, if international travel is a possibility in the future, you will want to consider notice provisions and information exchange about future trips, locations and other important information between parents.  We can create language for you about that too.  You never know, but your 8 year old son today, may end up being a high-schooler who wants to be an exchange student in Switzerland in 6 short years!

Thinking about travel?  Talk with your attorney.  An experienced family law attorney will help find a solution with you.

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