Divorce Lawyer

What is on my Desk?


Family law is an area of law that touches and includes many different types of issues: children, property – both real and personal property, accounts – investment, bank and retirement to name a few, debts and liabilities, property characterization – is it separate property or community property and these aren’t all of the areas or topics that we work with every day.


Every lawyer needs tools to get their job done. As a family law attorney here are some of the tools I use:

    • TI-1795SV calculator – I think this is the perfect calculator for any law office. One reason is because it is easy to use and show clients calculations and doesn’t take much to figure out how to use it. It doesn’t need a handbook to decipher the technical buttons – which I like.  The second reason is that I see the same type of calculator is lots of my peers’ offices also! We must all like it.
    • Pens – blue ink is a necessity in a law firm, even in ‘paper free’ offices today when we scan everything and use electronic copies for so much and don’t print as much paper. Blue ink lets everybody know what is an original and what is a copy
    • Texas Family Code – Necessity.  I like this version because it has the Family Code, the Texas Rules of Evidence, the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code and passages from several other codes and areas of law that we need to review for family law issues and divorce issues.
    • iPhone – My phone is a workhorse. I can do so much with it I’m constantly amazed that I can get directions, make a call, calculate child support, access the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules of Evidence, Civil Practice and Remedies Code and the Family Code on my phone to say the least!
    • Water – have to hydrate!

These are just a few of the tools I use when working with clients on family law and divorce issues.


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