Avoid long divorce

Tips to Avoid a Lengthy Divorce


A divorce can be completed in as quickly as 61 days from date of filing to completion.  For some people 61 days seems fast, and for others not fast enough.  But, either way, that is the quickest a standard divorce can be completed in Texas.  The reason it is 61 days is because Texas requires a 60-day waiting period between filing and finishing a divorce.

A divorce can take a longer time for many, many reasons – enough for a totally separate blog post.  Some of the time elements are out of your control, but there are things that you can manage that can help keep your divorce moving and assist your attorney while she works on your case.

Exchanging Information

Divorces can be agreed.  And, in those types of cases, you and your spouse can agree to exchange and provide information about such things as assets and liabilities.  If you think you would like to try that, talk with your lawyer.  One area to think about is property.  You want to have a clear understanding about the marital estate to prepare for the final division through mediation or a hearing or trial including liabilities. Start by talking with your attorney about what other information you may need to get up to speed on everything in the estate.  Your lawyer and the other lawyer can talk about exchanging certain information on a specific date in the near future.


I’ve heard it said that ‘timing is everything’.  It is important to remember in your divorce too.  It’s important to be aware of the time of year, schedules, and obligations while working through your divorce.  For instance, you are likely to be under added time constraints and stress during big holidays and sometimes specific times of the year like summer and the months of  November and December because of all of the obligations both personal and work-related that usually happen during that time.  So, if you have to get your lawyer something or respond to something during that time or right after, remember that and plan for it.  Your lawyer will likely be relying on your information for the next step in your divorce as you and she have planned.   Another thing to remember are the holidays when your lawyer’s office will be closed and your lawyer’s scheduled time away from the office.


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