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Brad and AngelinaThe Brangelina Breakup

So, the divorce between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is going to happen and the Brangelina Breakup is news everywhere.  It’s sad news, but apparently it is news nonetheless today.  And, quite frankly, as difficult as divorce is, I can only imagine how difficult it is to see the details of a divorce plastered all over the place every day.  Thankfully, that is not something everybody going through divorce has to endure.

Surprisingly, there really are some similarities to their divorce and a Texas Divorce.*  Some of the questions or issues could be similar to anyone in north Texas going through divorce.


They will divide their marital estate in the divorce.  The question of when they acquired their property will be discussed.  When did the marriage start is a great question to begin the discussion in this look at celebrity divorce.  Angelina and Brad lived together for a long time before they got married.  There might be a question of was there a common law marriage.  Was there a property agreement? In Texas, a common law marriage can be established with 1- living together with the intent to be married and 2- holding each other out as husband and wife.  Did they agree to be husband and wife to each other when they started living together or maybe say ‘let’s live together and NOT get married’?  I don’t know the answer to that but I know that somewhere in the process it will be discussed. And, holding each other out as husband and wife can be as simple as referring to each other that way or filling out forms that way.  It can make a difference in Texas on different parts including when we start figuring out what is community property and what is separate property of either or both the husband and wife.

What about the Kids?

As I understand it, Brad adopted Angelina’s children, they have biological children together and they adopted children together.  Step-parent adoption is common.  In a Texas divorce, adopted children are treated just the same as biological children when it comes to the children parts of divorce including parenting schedules, parenting rights and duties.  So, they as parents will work together to reach an agreed parenting schedule and the details and if they can’t agree, there will be a hearing or trial about the issue.


Well, that is a question that comes up in the divorces in the media more than in a Texas divorce.  Texas statutes allow for spousal support but not straight up alimony.  And, there are specific requirements to get the spousal support.  A divorcing husband and wife can agree that one of them will receive alimony, but a Texas court can’t.

An experienced family law attorney will be one of the resources they have as they move forward and that can be a great resource for you too.  Call to make your appointment.  You can reach us at 940-497-5454.


Jill O’Connell