New Year divorce

New Year, New You – Divorce?


I know we are all seeing this topic everywhere.  We are setting goals, resolutions and planning for 2017.  And, maybe you decided that now is the time and you need to get a divorce in the upcoming year.  If so, my advice might surprise you.

Try Counseling Before Divorce

If you think divorce is the answer to your questions, you need to make sure before you change the course of your life.  If you haven’t tried counseling yet, you should try it.  If your spouse won’t go or isn’t interested, try counseling on your own.  Divorce isn’t always the right answer.  Sometimes I meet with people who aren’t ready for divorce, but don’t know what else to do, so they make an appointment with me.  Divorce, even when it is the right answer, isn’t easy.  Get all the help you can and make sure it is the right choice and the right time.


Research, research, research.  You need to know about your marital assets, debts, and liabilities for your divorce.  Find out about all of your assets.  Find out about all of your bank and financial accounts, for example: checking, savings, retirement, mortgage, and any other loans. Research divorce in Texas.  Research and find out about the cost of divorce in Texas, factors that contribute to an expensive divorce, what helps to keep costs low in your divorce and what happens in divorce as well as how long it takes to get a divorce in Texas.

Research Some More

Just when you thought it was done – now you need to research your attorney.  Read reviews, talk to your friends, and call some offices.  Ask yourself how helpful the person was who answered the phone, how quickly your call was answered or returned.  Find a few lawyers to meet with and see which lawyer is the best one for your divorce.

We would love to help answer your questions about this new year.  Call today for your appointment.

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