social media can affect your case

How Social Media Can Affect Your Case

Social media is everywhere.  It is being used by people of all ages in countless ways.

I’m sure you can name your favorite app to talk to your friends, your colleagues and make new connections for business or your personal life.  When you are going through a family law case, whether it is a divorce or another type of case, keep in mind that social media can be used in your case.  It is not off limits in your divorce or family law case just because it is in the cloud.

Your Posts Can be Used Against You

A really good piece of advice is to remember that your posts can be used in a family law or divorce trial or hearing.  A good family law attorney knows how to find and use your social media posts.  And, they can be used against you.  Depending on which platform you are using, your privacy settings, and whether it is a picture or also includes text you may find yourself in hot water. And, remember that means all of your posts – not just recent ones.    Of course, this is true for the person on the other side of your case as well.

So, a good rule of thumb is don’t post anything you wouldn’t want to see on a poster in the courtroom.

Other People’s Posts Can be Used in Your Case

And, because people are posting all the time about what they are doing and who they are with, be mindful of what your friends and acquaintances are posting.  For example, if you are out to eat with a group of friends think before you jump into that photo that is going up on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook.  Is there a table full of margaritas and beer in front of the group?  How will that look on a poster in the courtroom?  Compare that to a picture or post without the table full or drinks or t how you or someone else is the designated driver.  Think about it.  Your lawyer will be happy you did and so will you when you are in your hearing or trial.

Talk to Your Lawyer

And, finally and most important, make sure your lawyer knows about anything you might be concerned about on social media.  You can’t delete posts in anticipation of a lawsuit or in the middle of a lawsuit.  But, your lawyer needs to know about it before you get to a hearing or trial – even if it is embarrassing.  You hired your lawyer for a reason, so give her all the tools she needs to do her job including knowing the good and the bad about your case.

Get a good family lawyer to consult with on your divorce or family law issue.  This isn’t legal advice but intended as general information. Call for an appointment with Jill O’Connell – 940-497-5454.