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Divorce Trial – Navigating Texas Divorce Series

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Divorce Trial Despite your best efforts at reaching an agreement with your soon to be ex-spouse, you may find yourself discussing possible trial dates with your lawyer. No Agreement It is possible, although not likely, that all of your attempts to reach a negotiated agreement in your divorce with the other side aren’t successful.  It [...]

Divorce Dispute Resolution – Navigating Texas Divorce Series

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Dispute Resolution Stage After you and your divorce attorney have all of the information that you need, or anticipate needing to make decisions in your case, you may attempt to resolve your case and reach an agreement with the other side.  There are several ways you might attempt to do that including mediation, settlement conferences, [...]

Information Gathering in Divorce – Navigating Texas Divorce Series

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  Information Gathering Stage - Navigating Divorce When you are navigating divorce the second part of the divorce is the information gathering stage.  You and your divorce attorney will begin discussing and working on gathering information about your finances including income and debts, property, accounts and other information.  And, you will exchange some information about [...]