online divorce attorney consultation

Wondering how to have the best online divorce consultation you can? Divorce in North Texas looks a little different.  In my office we’re offering new payment options including fixed fees & flat fees with a focus on our client’s needs. We’re also focusing on different types of divorce and services for our clients.  And, meeting our client’s needs includes offering new online options for divorce consultations.

Phone consultations and online divorce attorney consultations are not new in our office, but now online attorney-client consultations are exclusively what we’re doing.  We offer several platforms for the initial online consultations and that leads to my first tip.


When you are scheduling your first online consultation with your divorce attorney, ask if you have options for the online platform.  Most of us are familiar with Zoom, and maybe that is what works best for you and the divorce lawyer you’re going to have your initial consultation with, but if it isn’t don’t hesitate to ask for more options, or even ask if the lawyer is familiar with a platform that you like to use.

Once your online platform is chosen, make sure you’re familiar with it.  If it’s new to you, check it out before your initial consultation day so that you can focus on your divorce consultation and not getting onto the platform on the day of your consultation appointment.

And, confirm when you should expect to receive the link or email to get into the online meeting space with your divorce attorney.


You will want privacy for your initial divorce consultation.  Your consultation with the divorce lawyer will be confidential between you and the attorney.  You will want to protect that confidentiality during your divorce consultation by making sure you have a good location.  A good location for your online divorce consultation means that you have privacy and confidentiality too.  You don’t want to have your divorce consultation discussion with the divorce lawyer and the rest of the people in the room with you.  And, divorce consultations will include discussing the issues that brought you to this divorce decision, your children if you have them, your assets, and your finances including your debts and liabilities.  You will want to protect all of your private information, and everything else that you will be discussing with the divorce attorney.

Powerful Connection

Now that you’ve scheduled your online consultation with the divorce lawyer, start thinking about where you will be for the consultation.  You will want a place with a good internet connection either strong wi-fi or an ethernet connection.  You want a consultation that is smooth, easy to log in to, and easy for you to do.

Prepare for the Consultation

As I slightly touched on above, your divorce consultation will dig in to your personal life and decisions.  The divorce lawyer will ask you about your finances, your spouse, your relationship with your spouse, your kids if you have them, and more.  Divorce attorneys and our staff are many times the first people to get all of the information at one time.  Divorce lawyers use the initial consultation to try to get as full a picture of what’s going on as we can.

This type of consultation can be difficult and painful for some people, even when there is no arguing or fighting between the spouses.  There can be pain, grief, and a sense of loss when talking about all of these things with a divorce attorney.

And, in consultation with me, we acknowledge the emotions in the moment.  Then, we press on.  And, this is where being a Certified Divorce Coach is helpful.


Planning for your divorce consultation include gathering information like social security numbers, driver’s license number, health insurance information and other personal information.

You should get up to date on your finances and financial accounts.  Check the status of your debts and liabilities including credit card debt, mortgage, car and truck loans, too.

When you have an initial divorce consultation with my office you will receive a worksheet to fill out and return before the consultation to help you gather this information for the divorce consultation.

If you’re ready to find out how my office can help you, call to set up your online divorce consultation today: 972-203-6644.

Jill O’Connell