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Divorce Podcasts

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Podcasts During Divorce? Podcasts have a been around long enough to have a pretty reliable reputation and a pretty loyal following.  I’ve known people who have loved listening to podcasts, recommended podcasts, and are always talking about their newest podcast or a great one they just found.  I was just never interested. But, I’ve recently [...]

Family Law Questions Rarely Heard

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Family Law Questions Rarely Heard Family law questions, marital relationship statutes and divorce law questions and answers are the things we family law attorneys work with and talk about every day.  But, there are some interesting things in the Texas Family Code that I don’t get to talk about most days in the office.  Interesting [...]

How to Choose the Best Lawyer

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How to Choose the Best Lawyer in Denton County for You Finding the best lawyer for your divorce or child custody case is arguably one of the most important steps you will make as you enter the legal process. You want to find an attorney who will work together with you to help you navigate your [...]