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Divorce Lawyer’s Perspective

By |2016-10-30T04:34:46+00:00July 30th, 2014|Blog, Divorce, Family Law|

Divorce Lawyer's Perspective   What Not to Expect from your Divorce Lawyer There are times that being a family law attorney is tough.  For instance, those pesky things that the Judge can’t do anything about are often the hardest.  But, apart from the unusually difficult cases, there are some things that you shouldn’t expect your [...]

Top 3 Divorce Questions from a Mom

By |2016-10-30T04:35:06+00:00November 1st, 2013|Blog, Divorce, Jill O'Connell|

Divorce Questions from a Mom              A few weeks ago I talked about some of the questions that Dads have when they come into my office.  Today I’m going to address some of the questions that Moms ask me about divorce and the topics that Moms ask me.  If you are [...]