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No Fault Divorce

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No fault divorce No Fault Divorce What is No Fault Divorce? A Texas no fault divorce is a divorce that begins with the initial pleading that basically says the marriage relationship is over and there isn’t going to be a reconciliation, in legal divorce terminology.  In Texas, it is enough to say that [...]

5 People You Will See at the Courthouse

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Your first court appearance may make you nervous or anxious.  This may be your first time in a courthouse or appearing in court and that is understandable.  Your perception of appearing in court will likely be through television and movies and it will probably not be exactly how your day goes.  In Denton County, the [...]

Tip of the Week – Divorce Temporary Hearing

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Temporary Hearing A temporary hearing is a hearing after a case has started, when there is a question that only a judge can decide.  A hearing is had before the Judge and orders are issued that will be in effect until the end of the case.  The hearing allows parties a limited amount of time [...]