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Texas Divorce Basics

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  Basics of Texas Divorce What does it take to get divorced in Texas? To get divorced in Texas you need at least these three things:  a valid marriage,  to have lived in Texas for 6 months and,   to have lived in the county that where you want to file for divorce for 90 days. [...]

A Parent’s Divorce Lawyer

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Why I'm a Pro-Parent Divorce Lawyer I'm passionate about parents, co-parenting and families – single parent and two parents.  A parent's divorce is unique.  It isn't only about the husband and wife, it is also very much about the children and therefore, the parents.  I think that it is very important to remember that. In [...]

Divorce Advice from Friends?

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Should you take divorce advice from your friends? Divorce advice from friends usually falls into 2 categories: friends who have been through a divorce and friends who haven’t.  Those friends who have been through a divorce are usually more than happy to share with you what you should do or shouldn’t do and what you [...]