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Divorce and Private Negotiations

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Divorce Private Negotiations “Private Negotiations” in divorce are being talked about all over the place including the supermarket magazine headlines. The good news is that you can use private negotiation methods in your divorce.  And, more good news for you, it probably won’t end up as a headline on a magazine at the store.  But, [...]

Divorce Lawyer’s Perspective

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Divorce Lawyer's Perspective   What Not to Expect from your Divorce Lawyer There are times that being a family law attorney is tough.  For instance, those pesky things that the Judge can’t do anything about are often the hardest.  But, apart from the unusually difficult cases, there are some things that you shouldn’t expect your [...]

3 Tips for Financial Issues in Divorce

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Tips to working on Financial Issues in Divorce Tips for financial issues in divorce can help in every divorce.  Each one has some financial considerations to it – agreed divorces and those fought out in litigation.   And, each one has questions and answers that are specific to that couple alone.  But, there are some [...]