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How Social Media Can Affect Your Divorce

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How Social Media Can Affect Your Case Social media is everywhere.  It is being used by people of all ages in countless ways. I’m sure you can name your favorite app to talk to your friends, your colleagues and make new connections for business or your personal life.  When you are going through a family law [...]

3 Divorce & Money Questions

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Divorce Questions: Money Divorce is the process of getting you 'unmarried'.  Your divorce lawyer will guide you, counsel you and direct you through the legal process.  But, there are some areas of your marriage and your divorce that you have to get the answers to yourself so that you know the information and you can [...]

Divorce and Private Negotiations

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Divorce Private Negotiations “Private Negotiations” in divorce are being talked about all over the place including the supermarket magazine headlines. The good news is that you can use private negotiation methods in your divorce.  And, more good news for you, it probably won’t end up as a headline on a magazine at the store.  But, [...]

Discovery in Divorce and Family Law

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Discovery in Divorce and Family Law Discovery is a tool used in divorces both contested divorces and agreed divorces.  If the husband and wife can’t or haven’t yet reached an agreement about the division of their possessions, accounts, debts and liabilities or about access to the children, then information needs to be gathered.  A contested [...]