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TEXAS DIVORCE DECREE: What is it? Texas Divorce Decree A Texas divorce decree is one of the final orders entered in a divorce in Texas.  It is the order that ends the marriage.  It includes the requirements for the divorce in Texas, the information about the children, the information about property, information about debts and [...]

Separate Property: What is it?

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Separate Property: What is it? Separate property isn't divided as part of a divorce.  Separate property is retained by the spouse who owns it.  Marital property is usually made up of both community property and separate property. In divorce, the couple plans how to divide the community property and keep their separate property.  Separate property is [...]

Legal Separation or Divorce?

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Legal Separation or Divorce? Which is the better choice, a legal separation or a divorce?  The question of choosing a legal separation instead of divorce is an easy question in Texas.  Texas doesn’t have legal separation and only has divorce.  Here are a few things about legal separation and divorce in Texas. Texas Family Code [...]

Tips to Remember about Property

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Tips to Remember about Property The start of a divorce can seemed rushed and busy because of all the information that is being passed back and forth between the lawyer and the client.  Very often, the area that is the most critical is the focus of the initial work.  For example, this time of year [...]