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Medical Costs After Divorce – Reimbursement

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Medical Costs: How to get Reimbursed for your Children's Medical Costs Medical Costs are usually split between parents in a divorce.  The divorce decree will include how much each parent is supposed to pay and how it works. Most parents will have the situation that they have paid a fee at the doctor’s office and [...]

Why Do I Care About the Denton County Standing Order?

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*Update: Effective January 20, 2017, there is a new Denton County Standing Order.  Please see my current post here.  The new Order can be found here - Denton County Standing Order 2017. Denton County Standing Order In Denton County,  an order called the Denton County Standing Order Regarding Children, Property and Conduct of the Parties [...]

How to Get Extended Summer Possession if You Missed the Deadline

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How to Get Extended Summer Possession if You Missed the Deadline Tips for the Parent who Misses the April Deadline for Extended Summer Possession The standard extended summer possession notice might be the hardest part of Texas divorce decrees for newly divorced parents to understand.  If it isn’t, it is a close second!  I get [...]

Don’t forget about Summer Possession Notice

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Summer Possession Notice for the Managing Conservator Summertime is almost here!  And with it, summer possession notice needs to be sent out soon.  Schedules for parents with a Standard Possession schedule will start too.  So, as I’ve already posted,  parents who live 100 miles or less from each other need to give summer possession notice. [...]

Discovery in Divorce and Family Law

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Discovery in Divorce and Family Law Discovery is a tool because not every divorce is simple and agreed.  If the husband and wife can’t or haven’t yet reached an agreement about the division of their possessions, accounts, debts and liabilities or about access to the children, then the divorce progresses differently than an agreed divorce.  [...]

Standard Possession Spring Tips

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Standard Possession Tips Spring Break in North Texas means it is time to figure out summer possession for most divorced parents. For divorced parents coparenting under a Standard Possession schedule in Texas, this means that the start to the spring and summer periods of possession and holidays are near.  There are deadlines that are set [...]

Today is Election Day

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I'm going to veer away from my usual family law and divorce topics and say 'Go Vote!' today. Today is primary election day in Texas.  This is the opportunity to make a change in your community or to confirm your current leadership  - whichever way you see it.  Whatever your opinion is, you have the [...]