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Tips for Holidays after Divorce

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3 Tips for Holidays after Divorce I’m not divorced, but I do spend a huge part of everyday thinking and talking about divorce and visiting with those who are going through or have been divorced. Here are some of my tips from working through the holidays over the years to help you get through your [...]

A Parent’s Divorce Lawyer

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Why I'm a Pro-Parent Divorce Lawyer I'm passionate about parents, co-parenting and families – single parent and two parents.  A parent's divorce is unique.  It isn't only about the husband and wife, it is also very much about the children and therefore, the parents.  I think that it is very important to remember that. In [...]

Parenting with Technology

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Parenting with Technology, Part Two Parents sometimes say that exchanging information with their ex-spouse can feel like a tug of war.  One spouse feels like they aren’t able to get the information they need about their kids from the other parent and another feels like everything they tell the other parent is forgotten or ignored. [...]

Single Parenting with Technology!

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Is there an ‘App’ for Parenting? Parenting with technology can be a challenge.  Recently one of my kids said that one of the great things about me is that I know a lot more about technology than most parents and that I use it.   And, just for the record, that same child also said she [...]