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Travel after Divorce

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Traveling after Divorce During divorce there are usually temporary orders in place or in Denton County at the very least there are the Standing Orders.  Those orders apply while the divorce is going on – while it’s pending. Traveling and spending long periods of time with your kids doesn’t have to come to an end [...]

Summer Parenting in Texas

By | 2016-10-30T04:34:35+00:00 June 15th, 2016|Family Law, Family Life|

Summer Possession Options in Texas Summer time can be a challenge or an opportunity.  In a Texas divorce, the Family Code possession schedule has one type of schedule for the school year and includes longer periods of time with each parent for the summer.  And, if the schedule the Family Code contains doesn’t look like [...]

Life Goes on During Divorce, too

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A Lawyer's Thoughts on Life During Divorce What is going to happen to your life during divorce? As a lawyer who deals with families in crisis on most days of the week, there are some things that I tell my clients and those I consult with that have nothing to do with legal issues.  When my clients [...]

Name Change in Divorce

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Name Change in Divorce Do You Need a Fresh Start? Everybody knows you can change your name in divorce.  Through the years, I’ve talked over the idea of changing their last name with many clients.  There have been reasons clients chose to make the change and there have been reasons not to change their name. [...]

Why is My Texas Child Support This Much?

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Why Is My Child Support This Much?  Texas Child Support Factors In a media covered ruling on Monday, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled that a father of three, Daniel Halseth, now divorced from former state senator, Elizabeth Halseth,  must pay $2,274 a month in child support to his ex-wife.   This ruling came from an appeal [...]

Standard Possession Spring Tips

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Standard Possession Tips Spring Break is next week for most school districts in North Texas.  For divorced parents coparenting under a Standard Possession schedule in Texas, this means that the start to the spring and summer periods of possession and holidays are near.  There are deadlines that are set in the Standard Possession for summer [...]