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Costs of Delaying Divorce

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  Costs to Delaying Divorce I won’t tell someone whether or not they should get a divorce.  It’s not my choice.  And, it’s not my life.  If I’m having a consultation with someone I only know a tiny slice of the story of their life.  However, there are certain things to consider, realistically, when making [...]

5 Things NOT TO DO While Getting a Divorce

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5 Things NOT TO DO While Getting A Divorce   Divorce is a process that can be filled with stress, fighting and making decisions about property, children, assets and debt.  Some people are getting a divorce by choice and some aren't.  But either way it’s not an easy process to untangle the marriage cords and [...]

Name Change in Divorce

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Name Change in Divorce Do You Need a Fresh Start? Everybody knows you can change your name in divorce.  Through the years, I’ve talked over the idea of changing their last name with many clients.  There have been reasons clients chose to make the change and there have been reasons not to change their name. [...]